Write With Us


The true church is so much more than sitting on the sidelines. God calls for everyone to get involved with worship by sharing gifts of the Spirit.

If you have a desire to share God’s word through writing or video, we want to invite you to use Brick Breakers’ website to get your witness out to other brothers.

Free To All

There is no obligation or pay to voluntarily write for Brick Breakers. If God has called you to share a one-time story or daily lessons, this is the hub for that word.

All content must be your original writing. Please do not repost or copy anyone else’s content.

All we ask is that you use our site to glorify God in word and deed. You are free to write as much and as many articles as you’d like to. You are also free to post your original videos if you’d rather speak the word than write it – Or do both!!

Easy To Start

All you have to do to join the team is contact us here. We need your email to send you the invitation to join. That will give you access into our site as a Contributor. That means you are free to post as many original articles as God moves you to share.

Once you’ve finished writing or adding video – just add a title and we’ll schedule it for release to over 40,000 faithful.

Ready To Start?