Building Momentum For Your Life

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Chaplain Ronnie Melancon Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

Building Momentum For Your Life

It is said that you can take a 4”x4” block of wood and place it in front of a steam engine train and it cannot move. Let that same train build up its speed to 50 mph, and it can blow through a 10’x10’ steel reinforced block of concrete. That is the power of momentum.

train Obstacles are a part of life; we all deal with them, but those that are successful in life are people who keep momentum going in the right direction. With enough momentum you can blow through obstacles and not sweat the small stuff. The big question is – how do we build momentum?

Here are two simple principles of life that when applied daily can build momentum in your life:


#1 Start Stepping Out In Faith.

In other words, start acting on what you believe in. If you…

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